Academic Staff

Dr Moreblessings Shoko

Dr Moreblessings Sholo

Senior Lecturer
+27 (0)21 650 1503






Ph.D, Geomatics, University of Cape Town
M.Geo-info and Earth Observation Science (Geo-informatics), ITC Netherlands
Master in Business Administration, Zimbabwe Open University
BSc(Hons) Surveying and Geomatics, Midlands State University

Professional Services and Contributions

Member: ISPRS
Past President (2018): Zimbabwe Institute of Geomatics
Member: Marina van Damme Network of Female Engineers

Research Interests

  • Built environment photogrammetric applications
  • UAV in Geomatics
  • Capacity building for Geomatics
  • Indigenous methods incorporation into Geo-information data collection
  • Women and Land in Geomatics


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