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Important Notice: We are opening up late applications to study towards a BSc in Geomatics in 2021. Lectures will be online but tests and pracs will be face-to-face (all necessary Covid protocols observed) so students will need to be in Cape Town. For more information, visit http://www.ebe.uct.ac.za/ebe/study/geomatics

Geomatics is an applied science and a professional discipline. As an applied science it involves an integrated approach to the measurement, analysis, management, and display of geographic and other spatial data. As a professional discipline, geomaticians have specialist skills, knowledge, and understanding in order to provide services that meet the needs of society and which contribute to social and political stability, quality of life and the management of natural heritage and resources. Geomatics professionals may be involved in designing, conducting and managing activities relating to surveying, geography, information systems, land development and planning, law and commerce.  Geomatics professionals use the latest satellite, laser, acoustic, and information technology and are continually branching into new challenging areas of specialisation.